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Media Production Review

This media production class has helped me strengthen many skills that I can use for later use in the world. This class has helped me cultivate technological, visual, and interpersonal skills with the different projects we did this semester.

I have seen myself grow with the different technology that I have used in class. We have primarily used Final Cut Pro in class to edit our audio and video productions and that is a program that I was already familiar with. I have used Final Cut Pro in different classes and even had a media production class in high school where I would shoot and edit videos but I still learned things in this class. For example, I learned how important the shortcuts and hotkeys are when trying to edit a video quickly. Also, I learned how to effectively fade in and out audio using the section adjustor tool. Before I had done it using a whole bunch of placed keynotes but using the section selector tool and adjusting it that way made it way easier and more effective.

Visually I have grown by using the 5-shot rule. Previously I had done it a way by making films where the process is backwards. You first want to establish where the event is and then move in to a long shot then medium and then you can work on close ups and creative shots. The 5-shot rule is different in that it is more focused on the person and action than the story. It is definitely used more in news broadcasting than in film if you ask me.

Interpersonally I have grown by asking people to be my talent. Making us go outside of the classroom and even outside of our respective comfort zones made it difficult to find people willing to show their interesting talents and abilities. I also didn’t want to take up too much of their time and so I needed to make sure that I came prepared to execute my project professionally.

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